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Hoot Owl Ranch/Internet Studios: Internet Archeology

What is Internet archeology? It is the new field of scouring the Internet and putting together profiles of people, places, and events based upon what artifacts are found. Almost everyone has a history on the Internet, we can report your history or the history of a person or place. We will scour all of the accessible information stores and create a profile based upon what is found. If it is indexed, we will find it.

Internet Archeology

Services we can provide:

  • Detailed analysis of what is found, including URLs
  • A profile based upon what is found

Once we create a report based upon what is found, we can make recommendations on how to obscure the information or make the correct information found.

Possible users:

  • Candidate opposition research
  • Historians wanting to find information on historic figures
  • Any individual that wants to audit the information that is out on the Internet about themselves

Contact us to get started. Based upon what is found, we could help you influence the information out on the Internet.